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Tag: may 2022

🇬🇧Roundtable series 5: « Torture »

The event is going to take place on Monday 30th  May, at 6pm UK time, on Zoom. 
For this fifth roundtable, we will have the pleasure and honour to discuss questions of torture in relation to migration and labour with Laura Barberan Reinares (CUNY), Fabio Perocco (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice) and Cora Rok (Heidelberg University).
Please see the description of the event below and flyer attached.
Here is the Zoom link to join the event:
ID riunione: 977 3335 0008 Passcode: 687384

Please do not hesitate to contact us at for any further information. 

For many migrants, the migration process is tainted with violence. This violence affects the body as well as the psyche of the migrants. Whether this violence manifests itself during the migration stage, the pre-migration or post-migration stage, the question of labour appears to complicate the adjustment of migrant populations to their host destinations. Forced labour, exhausting jobsearch and workers’ exploitation are forms of torture that migrant subjects experience and in some cases include in their narratives.  In a variety of genres, numerous artworks centre on the persecution of labourers and on a spectrum going from autobiographical testimonies to literary fictions, the mistreatment of individual migrants occupies a pivotal role in contemporary artistic production. Accordingly, a study of the way in which artistic practices explore torture in relation to migration and labour could lead to a better understanding of this field of study. 

In view of this, some of the questions we aim to explore in ‘TORTURE’ include but are not limited to:

● Migration, labour and torture

● (Torture, stages of migration and labour)

● Writing, reading, capturing, staging, seeing torture

● Torture and genres, media, formats

● Torturer/Tortured/Bystander

● Time and places of torture

● Injuries, pain, suffering, trauma

● Spectacle of torture

● Class, gender, race, age and torture

● Colonialism and torture